5 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World

One of the definitions for a bridge that I came across was as follows: “A construction that carries a road, path, train tracks, etc. over a river, road or any other obstacle.” Sure… These next five bridges certainly offer a path across a river, but their stability is a whole other story!

5. Monkey Bridges
Monkey bridges are iconic bridges that reflect the lifestyle and customs of the local populace of Vietnam. Monkey bridges were made by hand with the help of bamboo or wood and are used to cross a creek or gully. In fact, the name of the bridge originates from the stooped monkey-like posture one has to maintain when crossing, to prevent falling into the river below. Monkey bridges are very dangerous, especially if you have never crossed one before. One small misstep can easily make a difference between life and death.

4. Kakum Canopy Walk
The Kakum Canopy Walk is situated in the Kakum National Park, in Ghana. It is the only walkway in a national park in Africa. The canopy walk was made by two Canadian designers that wanted to boost the tourism in the mostly neglected park. The walkway consists of seven separate bridges that hang from the trees 40 metres above ground. The thing that makes these bridges dangerous are the materials used to make them. The spans are made of steel cable, aluminium and wooden planks. And to make you feel even safer, the bridges have a safety net in case you accidentally fall off.

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