5 Scariest Airports You Didn’t Know Exist

Traveling is all about the beautiful landscape, but there is plenty of danger. Naturally, flying in an airplane has its risks, during take off, the journey itself, and landing. See here, a few dangerous airport locations that can make you skip a heartbeat, while traveling to a remote and beautiful hideaway.

1. Paro, Bhutan
This is the only international airport in Bhutan, situated in a deep valley at an altitude of 2,2 kilometers. Sharp mountaintops surround the airport. Only a handful of pilots are actually qualified to land there. The runway is one of the few in the world that is actually shorter than its altitude above sea level. Flights are not allowed after sundown. The views of the Paro river and the Himalayas are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten, Caribbean
Only a few steps from the Maho beach, planes are required to fly extremely low over the tourists to get as close to the runway as possible. Pilots can get disoriented with the perceived altitude, because the approach to the runway happens above water. What is even more frightening is that the departure is even more arduous, with a turn that’s necessary to avoid mountains. The tourists on the beach are usually enthusiastic about the chance of an amazing selfie, but streams of the jet engines are not uncommon. Are the passengers in the plane the ones more in danger? Or the ones on the beach?

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