Are You Single? Visit These 6 Cities To Find Your Match!

Are you tired of all those lame and boring pickup lines? Are your Tinder dates disappointing and does it almost seem impossible for you to be recognized by that hot person from just around the corner? Broaden your horizons and be prepared to visit another place than just your favorite pub or discobar. You are able to find the hottest and nicest singles in these 7 cities!

1. San Francisco, America

According to the Americans, San Francisco is the sexiest city in the United States. Research by Elite Singles shows that more than 80,000 Americans think that you will have the highest chance of finding your match in this city. Treasure Island, South Park, Fillmore, Parnassus and Forest Hill are the neighborhoods you should definitely visit. Good luck!

2. Barcelona, Spain

According to Condé Nast Traveler, Barcelona should be on your bucket list if you are looking for a handsome Pedro or pretty Maria. The website appointed Barcelona as the city with the most beautiful people on the planet. Partly because of the nice weather and the hip culture mixed with nice terraces and places of entertainment, this will be the ideal city to go hunting for that one handsome bachelor.

3. Kaapstad, South Africa

It will probably not be the first city to come to mind if you are looking for hot single men or women, but Cape Town is an ideal destination for this. Look it up yourself, but Cape Town is nicknamed ‘Gay Capital’ for a reason; the ideal city for gays and lesbians.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trips to Discover knows for sure: the capital of Argentina is the world’s ‘sexiest travel destination’. Here too, the climate creates a high libido and the sultry summer evenings provide extra charm. Dance the Tango and enjoy red wine, and you will undoubtedly be having a wonderful evening and might even encounter the one.

5. Sydney, Australia

Also known as ‘single person zoo’, Sydney is the place to be to spot sexy singles. The city itself is bursting with a vibrant nightlife and has one of the world’s liveliest food and art scenes.

6. Bali, Indonesia

It is true that this is not a city, but it is for a good reason that this island has become so popular lately. Especially because of the beautiful beaches, impressive culture, and nice locals, it makes sense that many people from all around the world visit this island. Many surfers also visit this island in Indonesia, but not just for riding those high waves…