Forester Finds Mysterious Cabin, Then He Walks In And Something Mysterious Happens

No entrance

For a cabin in the middle of the forest, it was still quite large with it being 4 meters wide and 5 meters high. In addition, it had a pointed roof, a porch, a canopy, and walls made of plywood. It even had a foundation made of concrete. Clearly, this was done by a professional. The most remarkable aspect of it was that there was no path to the cabin. It would be impossible to find for an outsider.


“I only noticed the cabin when I was literally 1 meter away,” says Mark. “In addition, it was in a place where no one else ever comes.” It also occurred to the forester that the area surrounding the cabin was very clean, which is normally not the case around various shelters in a forest. This craftsman not only had an eye for detail, but also paid attention to the environment.


Forester Mark became curious and decided to call in the help of his colleagues to open the cabin. Of course, he had to give them his GPS coordinates, or they wouldn’t be able to find Mark. When his three colleagues Javier Nogueira, Nick Manfredonia, and Heidi Groszmann arrived, they started breaking the lock. The four of them managed to get it open, and what they found inside was very remarkable.


The four of them had no idea what they would find in the cabin. Maybe there were booby traps or maybe someone was inside, so the had to be cautious. With their gun in hand, they slowly made their way inside. The cabin appeared to be deserted. The guns were holstered again, and now it was time to thoroughly examine the site. Would there be any indications as to who lived/was living here?