Bride Bursts Into Tears When Groom Confesses His Love For Someone Else At The Altar

It’s usually the most beautiful part of a wedding: the vows. It often brings a lot of the guests to tears, as well as the bride and groom. The same was the case at this wedding. But the ceremony took a different turn that anyone could have imagined! The story travelled the world and surprised everyone.


Every wedding is different. Some people like to have a big wedding and other people want to have the ceremony in church, with a limited number of guests. There were a lot of guests at this wedding, and the hall was packed.

None of the guests had thought that this would be a wedding that no one would ever forget, and that it would even go viral. But what was so special about this wedding speech? Don’t miss this story.


Everyone knows that weddings can be very emotional. Celebrating true love is always amazing and sentimental. This groom was not fully prepared to be surprised by all the unexpected emotions of the day. With the crowd looking on, he only knew he would do something that would surprise everyone!