Bride Finds Out That Her Fiancé Is Cheating, She Takes Harsh Revenge At The Altar

Alex asked Susan to marry him after they had been together for six years. Susan didn’t have to think about it for a single moment and said yes! They couldn’t wait until their big day would finally come. But everything went differently than expected. After Alex got down on his knee to ask Susan to marry him, everything went high pace. All the wedding plans were thought out and put on paper. They wanted a traditional wedding and the more guests, the better. But when the big day arrived, that’s when the drama started. You won’t want to miss this story!

Bachelor party

A great big, beautiful wedding was coming. The limit for their budget was reached and everything was planned to make it a memorable day. It was now up to the couple’s friends to organise an equally spectacular bachelor party. So Susan and her friends went to a chic hotel for a last night out as being ‘single’ (at least, legally speaking) …

Back to the hotel

Susan really had the night of her life. She enjoyed the evening immensely and realised how blessed she was with the people around her. Her night out had already been a huge success so she decided it was time to go back to the hotel. She didn’t want to stand in front of the altar looking like a wreck, so she went to bed. The best day of her life was about to begin. Or not?

Mysterious message

All of her friends of course went back to the hotel with her. They prepared to go to sleep in preparation for the big day. It was then that Susan’s phone made a noise. Susan immediately looked who had sent her a message. It turned out to be an unknown number. When she opened the message, Susan was completely taken by surprise, and shocked.