Bride Invites Her Husband’s Ex For Their Wedding, Then She Started To Read Out Something That Shocked Everyone

Katie felt that all eyes were on her and suddenly her wedding dress was feeling too tight. She was feeling more and more cramped and was visibly getting increasingly nervous. She braced herself and looked at the words she has written down.

Then she looked at the crowd, until she found the face of the woman in question. There she was: the ex of her future husband. She fixed a piercing gaze on her and started reading the text that she had prepared for her wedding. Everyone was shocked when she started reading it!

17 April 2013, this was a date that Katie Hild would never forget. It was the day that she had met Jeremy, her future husband, and it was the day that changed her life forever. When the two of them met, it was love at first sight. She fell in love right away and their bond was very special. Until Jeremy threw a bombshell on their relationship with a bizarre announcement years later.


Katie and Jeremy had a relationship that was an ideal example for many people; it seemed to be perfect in every way. Katie felt like she was living in a fairy-tale. Every time her phone went off and she saw that he had messaged her, she felt butterflies in her stomach. It was clear that she’d hit the bullseye with Jeremy. But Katie would soon find out that she wasn’t the only one who felt like that.

Then it happened. Katie wondered how it could have come to this. She crashed all the way off the pink cloud that Jeremy had put her on. She lay down on her bed and became desperate. On the screen of the phone in her hand, there was a shocking message from her boyfriend.