Bride Invites Her Husband’s Ex For Their Wedding, Then She Started To Read Out Something That Shocked Everyone

The message

When Katie received Jeremy’s message, she rushed over to her phone to read it. Her world froze for a few moments. Jeremy’s confession came out of nowhere, he had never told Katie about this before.

Jeremy told Katie that he had a child. When she asked him how old the child was, he said that he was born on 28 April. She realised that something was off right away, because of the date. Katie couldn’t stop thinking about that date. But what exactly was wrong with it?

A decision

The date on which Jeremy’s secret son, called Landon, had been born was only 11 days after they’d met. Katie’s heart filled with anger and disappointment. Jeremy had always lied about this and never told her. Why hadn’t he told her? And what else was he keeping from her? Could she even trust him anymore?

Four years passed since then. A lot happened and they talked a lot about this, but she still stayed with Jeremy and they even decided to get married. But she wanted to close this chapter in a special way. She was standing at the altar with Jeremy and got ready to read her vows. She had planned this moment carefully for almost a year. Now it was finally time to have her say. She started trembling when she saw the mother of Jeremy’s child in the crown and asked her to stand up.


Katie started reading her vows and the onlookers were fascinated by her words. “First of all, I want to thank you for accepting me as a friend and allowing me to be part of Landon’s life…”. Casey, Landon’s mother, was so touched by Katie’s words that her eyes filled with tears. Then, something remarkable happened. Katie knelt down in front of Landon…

When Katie heard about Casey, only six weeks into her relationship with Jeremy, she was full of wrath. But after a few months, these feelings went away. She acted in a mature way and contacted Casey. Then something happened that no one could have seen coming: the two of them developed a special bond. She even started loving Landon like he was her own.