Cops see 9 children drop to the ground and the reason for this surprised them!

When it’s Easter it’s tradition to go looking for Easter eggs. A group of children from a little village near London were also doing this. Not knowing that this would become an Easter weekend that they would not soon forget. In a very original and direct manner. Because instead of going on an innocent egg hunt, they’d become national heroes.

Looking for Easter eggs

The children and their families gathered on Good Friday to spend a long weekend together. On that day, they decided to have an Easter egg hunt on a field in Capel, nearby Surrey. But because of a break-in in a building in the neighbourhood, they suddenly ended up in a dramatic helicopter chase.


When there was suddenly a police helicopter in the air and two men running across the field, the families realised they were witnessing an intense police chase.

The children believed they had to help the police, but how? Because the police were flying high in the air and there was no way to communicate with them from the ground. Then the children thought of this genius plan!