Couple Discover Strange Hatch In The Floor During Renovation, What’s Under It Surprises Everybody!

Usually there are two options when you are ready for a new environment. Either you put your own house for sale and buy a new one or you start renovating your current house. The latter makes the most sense as it prevents a lot of stress. Moving house is intensive and quite a change in your life. Wouter and Saskia had the same idea and decided to renovate their house, not knowing that this renovation would produce a big surprise in the form of a bizarre find.

Wouter and Saskia from the Netherlands decided to convert their attic into a liveable space. Currently, it was a storage room where mostly things were kept without much added value. The boxes and the dust surrounded the couple and had to be moved first before renovation could start.


An attic where you never go always remains a peculiar room. You find things there that you never use but still want to keep. The same is true for the couple from the Netherlands. When they turned their attention to the floor, the mystery started. What they found was very peculiar and at the same time lugubrious.