Couple Discover Strange Hatch In The Floor During Renovation, What’s Under It Surprises Everybody!

If they wanted a new floor, of course they first had to remove the floor covering. As this was two layers thick, it was quite a job to remove it. But with much effort they managed to remove the floor covering. When the mess had been cleaned up, with only the wooden floor remaining, it soon became clear that there was something strange.

Both Wouter and Saskia immediately saw a strange square in the floor. The square turned out to be a hatch. Nobody had known of this due to the floor covering that had covered it all those years. ‘My heart skipped a beat, this was really incredible’, says Saskia to the regional broadcasting company. What was behind the hatch? It could be anything. Both hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be a dead body.


It was a wooden hatch of about 1 by 1 metre. So it was very small, and could not be concealing much. Saskia did not dare open the hatch at first, so she let Wouter do it. So, curious as they were, they opened the hatch, which was easy. What they found they had never expected!