Family opens garage of recently deceased uncle and makes a shocking discovery!

There is nothing worse than losing a family member. Whether the death is expected or not, it’s always dreadful. The side matters always come with a lot of emotions, and no one actually wants to deal with this stuff. But you can’t escape it. The person who dies also leaves things behind, and sometimes it’s things no one knew existed.

This was the case for the Carr family from Newcastle. You’ll never believe what they found!


Dr Harold Carr from Newcastle died of natural causes in 2007. He was 92 years old. He left all of his household contents, with house and garage, to his nephews and nieces, because he never married and never had children of his own. The family took over his household contents and looked through all his stuff. During the last years of his life he had collected a lot of things, but hardly ever threw anything away. In particular, he collected airplanes, various machines and cars.

But the family had never been to his garage, so they didn’t know what they would find there. They were amazed when they opened the garage door!