Father dies shortly before his daughter’s wedding, but then she bursts into tears when she turns around

The father-daughter dance at weddings is always one of the most special moments. For the bride as well as for the father. But Andrea had an entirely different experience when she married her prince charming. Just months before her wedding, her father died after a horrible illness but her brother gave her the surprise of a lifetime!


Andrea was about to marry her fiancé when disaster struck. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly before he could see his daughter getting married. We can all imagine how terrible this would be for her, but for her brother as well. No, he could never get her father back for her but even so, he made a huge impression on his sister and all the guests that attended the celebrations.


The bond between a father and his children is always unique, in whatever way it is. But besides this bond, brothers and sisters can have a similar strong relationship. Andrea’s brother knew how much his sister suffered when they were on their way to the wedding. But he truly astounded her and everyone else by arranging this spectacular surprise for her. It had taken some time to prepare for it, but his unique action touched everyone’s heart!