Father dies shortly before his daughter’s wedding, but then she bursts into tears when she turns around


Because Andrea could no longer have the traditional father-daughter dance with the man who had raised her, her brother took matters into his own hands and decided that he couldn’t let this special moment go by without any form of recognition. They didn’t even need a proper DJ for the wedding, read on to find out what he did!


He didn’t just take the time to record a special song the occasion, he was determined to put his heart and soul into the music and sing (!) the perfect song. A song that would become a lasting memory for Andrea. And that was exactly what it was!


And things got even better: the rest of her male relatives never hesitated and participated in the surprise and stepped in for her father for the father-daughter dance moment. As you can imagine, none of the guests managed to hold back their tears when the background music started to play; everyone was visibly moved. Watch the video on the next page!