Floating Cities: The 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World

7. Anthem of the Seas

A cruise ship with an observation tower on top of the ship. It sounds crazy, but this boat has it. From this point on you can go even higher to have an amazing view or can take some beautiful pictures. The Anthem of the Seas takes you from England to various places in Europe, but in the winter it goes further like the Caribbean and Bahamas.

6. Quantum of the Seas

As for many other ships, the home of the Quantum of the Seas is China. This boat sails to Japan or Korea. To get bored on this ship is impossible, because with 16 different public decks there is entertainment for everyone. It is even possible to stay in a luxury suite with an extra floor in your own room.

5. MSC Meraviglia

This cruise ship sails to the Mediterranean and brings you to different countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Malta. But from 2019 the ship will go further than just the Mediterranean sea. This ship also goes to Miami and the Caribbean. What is special about this cruise ship is that there is a water park and a climbing park on it.

A balcony with a 360 view? Cruise ship #4 is giving you this opportunity!