Forester Finds Mysterious Cabin, Then He Walks In And Something Mysterious Happens

Life as a forester sometimes results in strange finds. This was also the case for Mark André. The American was busy marking trees that had to be cut down in a short time. However, he did this in a place where he had not previously been as a forester.

After several hours of work and marking various trees in the dense forest, Mark found something strange: an abandoned cabin. There was nobody around and the cabin seemed not to have been inhabited or visited for years, because it was difficult to reach.

Well covered up

The question that Mark asked himself was: how did this cabin end up here? Who lived here? The cabin was located in the middle of the Arcata forest in Northern California and was very difficult to reach. The last time Mark visited this area had been in the 80s! Because the cabin was so well camouflaged, the small house did not stand out. It was not until Mark literally stood right next to it that he noticed the cabin. If the intention was not to stand out, whoever made it, did a really good job.

Sturdy cabin

It was clear that this cabin was built here illegally. For forest ranger Mark this just raised more questions! Besides the fact that the building was difficult to find, the cabin was also put together well and sturdy. It was not just a simple cabin in the woods made from plants, branches and wood. No, this was excellent work.