From Trash To Adventurers: These Two Cats Are Traveling More Then You Do!

Who doesn’t like to travel the world? A nice city trip, discovering different cultures, relaxing on the beach or going on an adventure in the mountains. It doesn’t matter, but if you’ll leave for a short or long period, saying goodbye to your pet is hard. These two girls couldn’t say goodbye to their two cats and took them with them on every adventure. The cats Bolt and Keel are now famous.


This cat-fairy tale all started when Danielle and Kayleen found these little kittens in a trashcan somewhere in a local park. They couldn’t leave them in there and wanted to bring both cats to an animal shelter. But the girls arrived too late and the shelter was already closed. Now what? Because they had to leave the next day for a new adventure trip.

Camping cats

Both girls decided to bring the two cats with them on their trip and with success. Because the cats and Danielle and Kayleen enjoyed their presence. The girls took care for these animals and never let them go. Which animal can say they are travelling the world by car, boat and airplane and camping all over the world? Danielle and Kayleen noticed they really enjoyed it and took them with them on every hike, kayak and sailing adventure.

Who are these girls who took the cats on their adventure? And you won’t believe how many followers the cats have on Instagram! Check it out on the next page.