Girl (9) Finds Ancient Historical Coin, 15 Years Later She Is Charged


During the 14 years that the coin was in her possession, Kate was unable to find information about it. By that time she was 23 years old, and wanted to know exactly what the coin was and where it came from. She approached museum experts, to get more insight into the history behind the medal. But she was unaware of the fact that she got herself into trouble by doing this.

Experts examined Kate’s unusual find and told her that the keepsake that she’d had for so long, wasn’t a coin at all. While this ‘coin’ had never been used as a currency, it was worth a lot more than she’d ever imagined. Only four(!) had been found. You’d think that this was good news, but you’d be wrong.

Experts in the museum told her that she’d found something very rare, that greatly resembled a coin. But piedforts weigh about twice as much as a coin and they’re about twice as thick. Of course Kate was very happy to discover that her treasure was valuable. But her joy was short-lived…