Groom Surprises Bride In Front Of Altar With This Wonderful Gesture

Everyone has a choice on what they want their wedding to be like: small, large, many people, few people, lots of decoration, no decoration, in a church or on an estate. One thing is certain; it is always a special day full of emotions and surprises. For Ollie and Liz, too.

The couple was getting married, and Ollie, the groom, wanted to give his bride an enormous surprise on their wedding day. Liz had meant a lot to Ollie in the previous years, and for this reason, it was time to put her in the spotlight. She has clearly shown she loves him, but that has also been the case the other way around and so he went to work.

Dance teacher

After weeks and perhaps months of preparation, the day had come; their wedding day. Ollie had prepared well and was ready for it. Once they stood before the altar and Ollie asked the unsuspecting Liz to turn around, she was shocked!

Ollie knew that, as a dance teacher, she always felt a strong connection to her students. Liz was very empathic towards her pupils and helped them where necessary, and the groom knew that. Liz had been leading the group for several years and guided them in dancing, but also outside of that. For Ollie, it was an easy choice; He wanted the class to attend their wedding ceremony to surprise her.

Liz turned around and immediately burst into tears. She was amazed at what she saw and what the children had arranged for her.