Guy (20) Warms Up 5-Day-Old Spaghetti And Dies Hours Later

Chances are, you’ve heated up a meal yourself. It’s easy, saves money and usually tastes good as well. The fact that it’s dangerous, is not something we consider. However, after reading this story, you’ll think twice before heating up another meal.

In 2008, the Newspaper of Clinical Microbiology was able to determine a fatal accident for the first time, after a 20-year-old guy from Brussels had eaten his dinner. How this could have happened, can be read in this special but sad story.


On the YouTube channel of Doctor Bernard, over 10 years later, the death of this young man was re-examined. Partly due to the shocking conclusion, the accompanying video has been viewed millions of times. One day, a student from Belgium came home after a long and hard day at the university, he heated a meal in his microwave, as he often did. Nothing out of the ordinary, one would think. Side note: the spaghetti had been kept outside of the refrigerator for five days.

The student ate his pasta and then went to the gym, as he often did. This, however, he could not keep up for long. Only an hour later, he returned home due to extreme nausea, cramps and headaches. The Belgian guy had to vomit and suffered from diarrhoea. Because he thought it wasn’t anything serious, he didn’t take any medication.