Guy ‘proposes’ to his girlfriend in different ways over the course of a month, but only finally gets an answer a month after he started proposing

It’s always a big challenge for anyone who wants to ask his partner to marry him: how do you go about it in an original way? Asking someone to marry you in a unique way is a stumbling block for many of us. It can be done in many ways, just like Edi’s — he repeatedly asked his girlfriend to marry him for an entire month, without getting a response.

Right moment

When Edi Okoro decided to marry his girlfriend Cally, he knew she would immediately suspect something if he had booked a vacation or something special. So then what? Edi started taking the engagement ring everywhere with him, so he could ask her at the right time.

But after more than a month with the engagement ring already in his pocket, Edi still didn’t know how he was going to go about it. Until one day, while he sat in the living room staring at the glittering ring and Cally walked in and she didn’t even notice it, which gave him an idea!