Woman Buys Second-Hand Bag Purse, Discovers Hole In Line And Does Emotional Discovery

Rare find

The bag was not only of an expensive brand, but also vintage. Even better: the bag looked practically new, which made it a rare find.

Sarah knew this bag was sold for around $200. She bought it immediately and without hesitation. But when she got home with her new purchase, she noticed something different.

Mysterious object

“I was cleaning up at home and when I lifted the new bag, I felt something heavy”, Sarah explained. But when she perused the bag, she still could not find the heavy object. A new mystery was born. Who knew what the previous owner had hidden in the bag? And why did they want to sell? Would it be something illegal?


Sarah’s curiosity grew by the second. Maybe she should just return the bag and leave it at that. After all, it was a second-hand bag. But eventually, her curiosity won.

Then she saw a small hole in the lining of the bag.At that moment, she did not know she was going to solve a 7-year old mystery.