I Bet You Don’t know These 7 Weird Airplane Facts

For you it isn’t more than means of transport to bring you from place A to Z. We board, we fasten our seatbelts and a few hours later we get out. Nothing special. But after knowing these 7 facts you will have a complete different look at a plane than you did before.

7. Flying on farm waste and manure

For now, we are still flying with kerosene as fuel for an airplane. But there is a possibility this can change in the near future. A few experts are already testing with a different kind of fuel for an airplane made of farm waste and manure. It sound strange, but it could happen very fast.

6. Seats shrinking

Not only we are shrinking, but also the seats of an airplane. A survey in 2014 showed that the average seat has become about 2,5 to 12 cm narrower since 1990. On the other hand, 17% more people can access the airplane than 28 years ago.

5. Climate change

There will be more turbulence because of the global warming. Something nobody likes when they are in the air. This is due the increase of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. This disturbs the relationship between winds caused by the temperature around the poles and tropical temperatures. And that’s how you get that scary turbulence.

Lightning and an airplane? Do we have to worry? Check it out!

4. Taste of food

No, the food on the airplane isn’t really fresh. But we should’t exaggerate. Some time it looks like you eat a piece of rubber, but that isn’t the fault of the airline, but of the environment. Because of the loudness in the room, the taste of the food evaporates. And with the dry air ensures the disappearance of the tasty taste.

3. Fine in the air

Warning: not only on the ground can you be fined, also in the air. Pilots and airline personnel have the right to give you a fine. They can do this if, for example, people are smoking during a flight or any other matter that is, or could be, a ‘hindrance, threat or danger for one or more persons, property or the aircraft itself’.

2. Lightning

A survey tells us each airplane will be hit at least once by a lightning strike. A scary thought, but you don’t have to worry at all. Airplanes are designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of amperes of electricity, which is much more than the lightning can cause.

1. Hole in the window

Did you know there is a little hole in the airplane window next to you? Now you do.
This ensures good regulation of the pressure in the aircraft. If these holes weren’t there, the pressure in the cabin would be enormous.