Insane: Women Makes Stupid Mistake And Causes 330(!) Delays

Peak season, an airport full of stressful people and airplanes come and go. For yourself you hope everything is running smoothly without any delays or struggles. And when there is a delay, you hope there is valid reason for that. But this 40-year old women caused complete chaos with a result of 330 flights delayed and/or cancelled.

Well prepared

You always try to save some time to check-in 24 hours before departing, you arrange a lift to the airport, check if there are any trafficjams and take care of all the papers you need in advance. It would save a lot of time and lines if everyone would do this, but unfortunately not everyone is doing this (yet).


Last summer Ryanair cancelled a lot of flights which causes chaos and a lot of headaches for a lot of people on the airports. But this woman in Germanny causes more than 300 delayed flights on her own! She did this on one of the most busiest days on the airport of München.

Her action didn’t only lead to a lot of frustration, but people were also fired because of her. You want to know why? You will find out on the next page.