Man Cuts Tree In Half, When He Is Half Way Through, A Huge Surprise Awaits Him!

In England, we know what it’s like when a storm hits us: complete chaos. In case of a violent storm, even the rooftops get torn from houses. Even the oldest and thickest trees sometimes have to give in and topple. In the US this happened after a violent storm.

One of these fallen trees is visible in the video. Because the old, and more importantly, big tree had fallen right across his yard, he decided to cut the tree into pieces. Read further to find out what happened then!


To get the job done, he took his chainsaw from the tool shed and started working on this difficult job. To start it right and moreover, easily, it is important to start at the base and saw that into little pieces. But that’s just what makes for a remarkable surprise!

By starting there, it won’t take a lot of effort to get the stumps out of the yard. It’s not like the man is living in a terraced house with a very small yard. No, he lives in a detached house with a big yard, so the tree had not caused any damage. This would be impossible to do by hand, but the chainsaw he was using made it child’s play. Like a hot knife through butter, the chainsaw cuts through the wood and the trunk gets smaller and smaller. Then, something happened that nobody was expecting!