Man discovers hidden room under his house and makes a gruesome discovery with a mysterious safe in it

Everyone who has a cellar under his or her house, knows how spooky this space can sometimes be. For Jerry, a visit to his underground room, was something he would never forget. What he found there, no one would ever have expected.

Jerry had just bought the house and two weeks after receiving the key he first went into the cellar. When he arrived in the cellar and inspected the space more closely, he soon noticed something strange. Behind a large wooden partition, that served as a door, he found a secret room filled with things that shocked the new owner and also made him very scared. In retrospect, he had been lucky as well. This is a story you should not miss!

Big clear-out

Jerry had bought the house from an elderly person who had recently died. Apparently, the man had a secret nobody knew, or didn’t want to know, about. Besides the gruesome find, there were also several unsolved mysteries.

Jerry stated that the house that he had just bought was pretty old, but that it was quite expensive regarding the age of the building. Inside the house there was still some old furniture from the previous owner that Jerry would not be making use of. Therefore, the big clear-out could begin. Starting in the cellar…


Although the storage space was partially empty, there was still quite a lot of junk left. The water in the cellar also needed to be removed and the leaking cellar had to be repaired. To make the cellar waterproof, a lot of things needed to be cleared. Then he saw something strange against the wall, which he hadn’t seen before.

Behind the stairs he could see a piece of plywood. He tried to open it, but that wasn’t that easy. With a crowbar he finally managed to remove the piece of plywood. “When I stepped inside I immediately got out my phone and took photos of everything!” You’ll be amazed by what he found!