Man discovers strange circles on wall, when he smashed a hole in it, he was in shock

A renovation or moving is quite an intensive undertaking and cannot be done within a week. It is important to take the time and plan carefully. You also never know what you will find in the new house. In new constructions, you will not find many surprises, but in an older house, this is very well possible.

There are plenty of stories about someone finding a hidden space, tunnel, or treasure during moving or renovating. But sometimes, what is hidden, should remain hidden. A man made such a discovery in his house which then went viral online. He recorded everything and was able to see his special discovery again.

Markings on the wall

The YouTube user, only known by his username Cyrex686, started his strange adventure on the day he wanted to renovate his house. He had already seen various strange markings on his well, but never took action. When he started work on his house, he thought it was a good moment to find out.

Little did he know that the circles on the wall were only the beginning of a bizarre discovery!