Man Pulls Sealed Cooler Box From River And Scares Himself To Death When He Opens It

The weight of the mysterious sealed box was less than was expected so he could easily lift it from the river; something that reassured him, because a body would be heavier. But his relief was short-lived. As he dragged the cooler into the water’s edge, nosey bystanders began to gather around him.

He pulled off the tape and looked inside. Finally, the lid was open and he could see inside. His discovery haunted him forever.

Popular place

The river bank was a popular place for locals. This is where the man saw the mysterious cooler box floating past. He was fascinated and fished it out, but he had no idea what he would find. When he opened it, he wished with all of his heart that he had not done so.

Horror film

A mysterious box, floating in a river, taped down with duct tape? It sounds like the start of a scary horror movie. Initially, the man used his phone camera to zoom in on the object for a better view. When it was clear that it was a cooler box, he assumed that one of the locals having a picnic must have lost it in the river. But what was it?