Man Finds Unusual Rusted Box In Backyard, Unraveling A Mysterious String Of Events

For four years, Matthew Emanuel and his family had lived in their home in Todt Hill, Staten Island, not realizing, that there was a part of the garden hiding an untouched secret.A story you just can’t miss! Read on.

Unknown Prize

There in the corner of the yard, not even buried deeply beneath the grass, was the most unassuming prize. The Emanuel family still had not discovered the incredible secret on their property that would unravel an astonishing string of unresolved mysteries.

The Rusted Box

In the Emanuel family’s backyard, nestled in the ground by the side of their fence, was a random box. It had clearly not been touched or moved in a very long time, and it was covered with coils of stinging poison ivy. As things would turn out, something drastic was about to happen.

Stormy Weather

By chance, elements beyond the Emanuel family’s control brought the mysterious box out into the open and compelled them to look at it. The winter storms in early 2018 had been particularly harsh. Heavy snow caused the trees lining the fence to fall over. Then, roaming deer came by and munched up the remaining plants. The house’s biggest mystery, which had gone neglected for years, was now out in the open, exposed. As spring came, they couldn’t leave the garden in that state. What would they do about it?

Right Under Their Nose

It’s crazy to think that we go about our daily lives and sometimes things are right under our noses that we don’t even notice. Have you ever thought that you could be missing a vital detail that is closer than you think?