Man Refuses To Leave Terminally Ill Girlfriend, What He Does Next Surprises Everyone!

Max was very shocked and sad, but he wouldn’t even consider giving up his girlfriend. Instead he dropped everything to support her, and made it his mission to be her crutch and support her during the most difficult period of her life. In October 2017 she had her first chemotherapy. It was the first of many.

During this hellish time, Max was always by her side. He didn’t just support her when she needed him, he did even more. He also tried to be romantic for her. “Although it was difficult for Jillian to go out and have energy, I tried to plan small things here and there, to surprise her, take her to the cinema… just to normalise the situation”, he said.

“They tell you how sick you will get during chemotherapy, but no one can really prepare you for it”, said Jillian. “Max took care of me every day and reminded me of how beautiful I was, even when my hair got thinner and fell out and my skin got as white as a sheet.”

But the most beautiful part was still to come. Something that made everything even more emotional…