Man Refuses To Leave Terminally Ill Girlfriend, What He Does Next Surprises Everyone!

On her last day of chemotherapy, Max had a surprise for her. “I thought about it for a long time”, he explained. “I talked to her family and friends, and we decided that it would bring the most happiness like this, on this special day that would end all the misery.”

On the day of her very last chemotherapy, Jillian was encircled by her family members and nurses. But she had no idea why they were being like this? Would she be getting bad news? But everything became clear when Max approached her. He proposed to her in a beautiful way and Jillian started crying. She didn’t hesitate and said ‘yes’. Everyone in the hospital room spontaneously started cheering and applauding.

“I really wasn’t expecting it”, she said. “That was really the most beautiful moment of my life; the engagement gave me a light at the end of the dark tunnel.” But despite the engagement, Jillian had a long way to go with additional treatments, tests and therapy. Planning a wedding – let alone dealing with the financial burden of a wedding – was not possible for the time being.

But it all became even more beautiful than she had ever expected. But after an engagement and last chemotherapy, how could it become even more beautiful?