Man Renovates His Kitchen Ceiling, Something Drops Down And Immidiately Got Goosebumps

Life often throws curveballs at us at our least suspecting moments. One minute you’re going about your daily routine and the next you’re thrown into an adventure. A Florida couple learned this lesson firsthand while remodeling their home. A seemingly straightforward home renovation project turned into a big surprise for one Arizona couple, who found a very special handbag as they were tearing down the ceiling of a kitchen.

The discovery happened when Megan and Bobby Kapsidis of Sierra Vista, Arizona, flew to Holiday, Florida, to do work on Bobby’s mother’s home, which they had bought in 2009. 31-year-old Megan Kapsidis and her 34-year-old husband Bobby are pretty logical individuals. In fact, Bobby has an interest in fixing things, especially since he is an aircraft mechanic. Having bought their home back in 2009, the couple had spent a lot of time making their home their own. Then, one day, Megan and Bobby decided to do some DIY work, in order to gain access to their kitchen attic.

Bobby was opening the kitchen ceiling when some strange things started falling from the ceiling. Work came to a halt with surprising discoveries. Bobby Kapsidis is an airplane mechanic who would saw and lever with a crowbar into a ceiling full of surprises. Bobby and his wife had bought the from his mother, so they wanted to do some renovations. Megan wrote on Facebook: “Finally in Florida and working on our house!”. Renovations were taking place in Holiday, Florida when the items fell from the ceiling and hit him right in the face. What exactly would be stuffed in somebody’s ceiling, you may be asking yourself.

The renovation plans included painting the interior and exterior walls of the house and removing an intrusive soffit that jutted out into the kitchen, across the ceiling. What would they do with their discovery? The find would halt the renovations to the house. Megan would post the exciting news on Facebook. And with this, national news outlets were soon knocking on the door.