Man Renovates His Kitchen Ceiling, Something Drops Down And Immidiately Got Goosebumps

Bobby was renovating his kitchen when he got a surprise for the ages. Cutting into the ceiling, Bobby watched as drywall and insulation fell to the floor. Along with the bits of building material left in the hole was something different. Firstly, a handbag would drop from the ceiling and knock Bob in the face. This must have been quite a scary moment because this is surely quite a foreign object to fall from a ceiling in the first place.

The handbag was a ’40s or ’50s alligator leather handbag, complete with head, tail, and legs. But it didn’t contain much. Stuff just kept falling from the ceiling. With this, there were some beautiful photographs that were also found. Of what exactly? Opening it, Bobby and his wife, Megan, discovered a seemingly ancient photo album.
Stamped with the words “Our Children’s Wedding,” the album commemorated the nuptials of Joseph and Marguerite Garguilo. The beautiful photos were a stunning look at a bygone age. Upon further examination, Bobby and Megan discovered that the Garguilos were married over 50 years ago.

An entire wedding album would come out of this ceiling. Bobby was wowed. One small clue would locate the owners of these items, so that they could be given back, after decades of being forgotten about. Upon finding the album, the Kapsidis knew that they had to try and locate the Garguilos to return the item. Megan began an intensive search using social media. Posting some of the photos to Facebook, Megan thought she struck gold when she found the Garguilos’s phone number only to learn that it was disconnected.


The Kapsidis felt that the search was deeply personal, pointing out how they could be the Garguilos only memories of the ceremony. Appealing to the media for help, Inside Edition was able to assist the couple locate Marguerite, who is residing at an assisted living facility in Florida. Unfortunately, Joseph passed away several years ago from Parkinson’s disease. But then, they found out the bride was still alive!