Man sees dog sitting in the same spot for years, then he alights and is surprised by a series of events

It makes no difference if you drive, walk, cycle or use public transport, it is very common to see familiar faces during your daily commuting. Maybe you even start making conversation and greet one another when you meet. But what to do when you become suspicious about a familiar face and have doubts about a person. This is exactly what happened to a Facebook user.

Along the motorway

While many people use Facebook mainly for posting photos of themselves or their activities, this user did something different. He saw the same image every day on his way to work and had his questions about that. In the Thai city of Khon Kaen a user posted a photo that would trigger much more in a brief period of time than he had expected.

Same spot

The man who had posted the photo drove to his work each day using the same route. But at a certain crossing he noticed something strange. However, it was not a person he saw every day, but a dog. Each time as he approached the same crossings he saw a dog sitting in the same spot. The quadruped was also looking in the same direction each time: as if it was waiting for someone. Fortunately, it was obvious that the dog was not being abused and even looked well-looked after.

When he found out why the dog was waiting there every day, everyone was surprised.