Man sees dog sitting in the same spot for years, then he alights and is surprised by a series of events


When the man decided one day to take photos of the waiting dog that he saw sitting in the same spot every day, a woman came walking towards him. When she came closer, he saw that she was carrying dog food and drinking water. He also noticed that she called the dog Leo. But when the man who had noticed Leo asked her why he sat there waiting faithfully day after day, she could not give an answer. It remained a mystery.

Temporary shelter

The woman, Saowalak, said that she had found Leo a couple of years back in the same spot. He was in much worse shape then. She took Leo home and looked after him until he had recovered and was healthy again. Until one day the quadruped suddenly disappeared again.

Same spot

When Saowalak found Leo again, he had returned to the same spot where she had found him. She decided to let the dog stay there and visit it now and then, to find out why Leo was sitting there every day. She kept bringing him food and water regularly. It seemed the mystery would never be solved.


The user put the photos and the story online, triggering an unexpected series of events. As the story spread over the Internet, it eventually reached a woman over 120 kilometres removed from where Leo was sitting every day. When she saw the photos, she did not hesitate but immediately ran to her mother, named Noi Sittisarn.