Mother has a strange hunch about son-in-law, decides to look at old vacation photos and gets a shock

A childhood sweetheart, who hasn’t had one? Ed Savitt and Heidi Parker were a perfect example of this. They met at university and have been a couple since then. Their bond stayed strong, and they even decided to live together. Thinking of their future, they wanted their families to meet. But they had no idea that this get-together and an old photo album would turn this love story completely upside down.


Heidi Parker was, like many people of her age, very excited to start a new chapter in her life. She wanted to find a course that fit her plans for the future. In the end, Heidi decided she would go to Newcastle University in England.

She was also very close with her family. She even saw her mother as one of her best friends. But it was time for a change. But she never could have expected that her decision would lead to her meeting the love of her life, and that she would make a shocking discovery in a decades old photo album.

It wasn’t a requirement for all new students at Newcastle University, but it is possible to live on campus there. Heidi wanted new experiences and incentives, so she moved into one of the student apartments close to the school. But after having lived with her roommates for a while, she realised that the seemingly perfect home wasn’t exactly what she was looking for.

With a new school year approaching, she realised that she wanted to try to live alone in an apartment closer to campus. She started looking for a new place on the internet, not knowing that this search would somehow lead to more than just a new home.