Mother has a strange hunch about son-in-law, decides to look at old vacation photos and gets a shock

Her new home

She realised that she couldn’t buy or manage a house by herself. There was a cosy studio near campus where she could live for a good price. Then it was time for her to move from her old apartment to her new place.

On the way out, Heidi met with the new tenants of her place to give them the keys. She handed her keys to the tenants, smiled quickly at them and moved on quickly to go to her new apartment. While she was driving away, she thought that she’d left her time in that house behind her. But she’d be back sooner than expected.

Heidi felt good in her new apartment. Everything was going to plan, but not for everyone. Because in her old apartment, apparently the new tenants were having some problems.

Heidi unexpectedly received a Facebook message from a man named Ed. “He didn’t know how to use the washing machine in the student flat”, Heidi later said in an interview. “He found a message with my name on it. He knew I had lived there the year before and figured I’d be able to help him.” She tried to explain it with a Facebook message, without success. Then she decided to just visit him in person.


The young woman would later admit that there was actually another reason for her going to meet Ed: “He was ridiculously good-looking!”. She was looking forward to showing him how to use the washing machine. She than realised that Ed had probably also lived with his parents for a bit too long.

She showed him exactly how the machine worked and waited until he could take care of the whole process himself. It looked like her work there was done. But just when she was about to leave, he stopped her and said he had to ask her something.