Mother ignored doctor’s advice to abort quintuplets, 20 years later she posts this picture!

Not twins, not triplets, not quadruplets, but quintuplets! It is a rare occurrence, but for Susan it became a reality. Nonetheless, the 28-year-old future mom was advised to have a ‘selective abortion’ but Susan immediately refused!

But what is a selective abortion? It is a form of therapeutic abortion. One or more fetuses are terminated and/or removed to increase the chance of survival for the remaining others. Selective abortion without medical grounds based on gender is illegal.

Susan pertinently refused this without hesitation and was forwarded to a specialist. However, she got the same advice: continue the pregnancy with just a few of the embryos. Susan and her husband persisted and they would not regret it later. On the next page you can read why! It will give you goose bumps.


More than 20 years later, Susan does not have any regrets about her decision. There were no complications during birth, and by now all of her children have passed their exams at the same time. Susan is very proud to be able to post a picture of her five (graduated) kids on Facebook.

“Looking back on my decision 20 years later, I have no regrets whatsoever. I would not be able to live without any one of them.” After they all had finished their studies, three of them joined the army to serve their country and two are pursuing a medical career.

“Nowadays, they are god-loving adults that make this world a better place. It was my choice to save their lives and now it is their choice to save the lives of others.”