Put A Couple Of Aspirins In Your Washing Machine, You’ll Be Amazed By The Result!

Just admit it: you have some discoloured clothes in your wardrobe. This is only natural, because even clothes of the best quality start to discolour after you’ve washed them a few times. And even with the best laundry detergent and washing programmes on modern washing machines, it’s nearly impossible to keep white clothes white. Fortunately there is aspirin, and that is something you already have in your medicine cabinet.

This life hack could change your life. In any case, where laundry is concerned. Because aren’t you sick of your clothes discolouring so fast, despite having bought them brand new just a few weeks ago? Not just clothes with light colours. Black clothes as well. Your black t-shirt will start to have a grey tint after just a few washes. Did you ever think you could get the colour back with just a little pepper?

Discoloured clothing

First of all it doesn’t look good, but it’s just such a waste: discoloured clothing. You want to wear your favourite new clothes as often as possible, because of course they cost money and you want to wear them more than once. Ready for this surprising life hack? Black pepper is the solution. Because if you sprinkle black pepper in the washing machine, your clothes/laundry will look just like when you just bought them, without all the decolourisation.

How it works? Start the way you always do: collect your discoloured clothing, throw it into the washing machine and add laundry detergent and fabric softener, as usual. Now here’s the trick, add a teaspoon of black pepper and wash on a cold setting. Let the programme finish, and you will see that the original colour is returning. You don’t need a degree to figure out how this is possible. Because of the structure of black pepper, soap residue cannot stick to the clothes. This way, your clothes won’t get a dull tint. The drainage of colour is also avoided with this trick.

But adding aspirin to your laundry? That’s something you’ve never done before. But you should really do it more often! Why? Read on.