Selfie by mother to daughter gets completely different twist and mother regrets it soon

A mother-daughter relationship is always special. You have to cherish it, and that is what Deanna Pilling thought. Her daughter McKenna studied at university, far away from the parental home, and their contact was mainly digitally or over the phone. They hardly saw each other. Mother Deanna thought it would be a good idea to surprise her at university, but this turned out differently than everyone had expected!

Nobody could come between Keanna and daughter McKenna. It was quite a scare when the time came for McKenna to go to university. She left New York to study at Utah State University.

No parent likes seeing their daughter leave for the other side of the world, and Deanna was no different. But to see her daughter become independent and broaden her horizon could only make her proud. The day before McKenna returned to the parental home in New York during summer, her mother decided to do something special and surprise her at her university.

Deanna thought it would be a nice idea to show up in Utah a day before without telling her daughter. After all, who would not love being surprised by his or her mother?