Selfie by mother to daughter gets completely different twist and mother regrets it soon

Telephone call

Without informing McKenna of her arrival, Deanna booked a last-minute ticket from New York to Utah. She had told no one she would come; she really wanted to surprise her daughter. Deanna tried to call McKenna before boarding the plane to figure out her plans for the night. Unfortunately, she did not pick up the phone. What if you want to surprise your daughter on the other side of the world to find her not at home…

After a flight of five hours, Deanna landed in Utah. She got in a taxi and left for her daughter’s accommodation. Once in the taxi, her daughter returned her call, causing her to panic a little. She did not dare to pick up the phone.

The last time Deanna was at the campus, was almost a year ago, when McKenna graduated from her third year. It has been a while since her mother visited. No surprise that Deanna was not completely sure of her directions. She tried to remember where McKenna’s dormitory was.