Sleep Among The Sharks And Stingrays In These 5 Underwater Hotels

It seems rather terrifying than unusual: sleeping among the most beautiful and scary fish in the sea. Yet this is an experience not to be missed; at these hotels you sleep safe and dry among the sharks and other remarkable sea fish.

1. Atlantis, The Palm: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you have a great love of water, or do you enjoy the underwater world? Then this hotel should be on your bucket list. This remarkable accommodation in Dubai not only has a dolphin cove, a seal sanctuary and an enormous water park, but also underwater suites. The Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites boast a view of the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium. This is filled with no fewer than 65,000 fish.

2. Manta Resort: Pemba Island, Tanzania

Manta Resort not long ago extended their accommodation with three-floor hotel rooms. Including a room four meters under the sea. This unique, private, floating hotel room also has a roof terrace where you can relax and sunbathe.

Want to stay in a luxery submarine for a night? You have to stay at number 5!