Strange circles in the water drew the attention of tourists, you’ll never believe what they see next

What would you do? You’re having a quiet breakfast in a beautiful location by the water and while you only just woke up, you see something move in the water, and it’s not small. Large circles, little bubbles and a strange noise. These people who were on holiday in Canada at Great Bear Lodge experienced this, and what they saw was unbelievable! But there is a video of it.

It all became shocking when something broke the surface! Read on to find out what it was.

Strange phenomenon

While many guests at the resort had only just woken up, and others were still sleeping but woke up because of the noise, hurried outside. Some with their bathrobes on and sleepy eyes, but with their phones in their hands to film it, everyone was looking at the strange phenomenon. Pointing at the water and with their hands in front of their mouths, the guests looked at the strange phenomenon in the water. The bubbles became bigger and wilder and something seemed to be happening…