Teens Find A Car Wreck In The Woods, But Run Away When They Realize Who Owned It

It all started when 15-year-old Alec Yanisko and 18-year-old Joe Delvecchio were out riding their ATVs one evening. This is something they did quite regularly, and didn’t give it a second thought, that something out of the ordinary might happen to them.Read on to find out what the kids saw in de forest!

A Very Unexpected Ride

They headed to the woods near their homes, a place that’s popular with local hikers and quad bikers. They had absolutely no idea that this ride would be some what life changing, they just set off to do something they both enjoyed doing and did quite often. But this ride would be like not other before.You normally never see this in a forest.

Something Lurking

As they were enjoying themselves, though, they saw something through the trees. And upon closer inspection, they realized that that something was a car. However, the vehicle’s presence didn’t feel quite right to the two young men. They just knew that this was not just an innocent sighting.What did the two kids do after seeing this? Read on!

Something Does Not Feel Right

For a start, the car was a quarter of a mile from the nearest road. That in itself was strange and piqued the teenagers’ interest because of this. There was no sign of anyone else around so they decided to check it out even more.It’s getting very creepy! Check it out on the next page.