The 11 Biggest Irritations And Misbehaviour On Planes!

Probably everyone has dealt with them: irritations on planes. A flight can take an hour for your city trip or 13 hours to your tropical destination, with these 15 irritations your flight feels much longer than usual. While you behave as well as you can, the person behind you is shoving your chair or the person next to you acts as though they are in their own home.

11. Doing your nails

Why would you do it at home in your own time, if you can do it on the plane? Bleurgh.

10. Behave like you are at home!

Sure, why not? Throw all your rubbish on the floor or on the chair in front of you. Antisocial.

Imagine the person who is sitting next to you suddenly takes THIS off. What would you do?

9. Warm?

Ideally we prefer to be under a blanket while flying, but some people are very warm-blooded, and like to take off their shirt during the flight.

What is more annoying than this just after take-off?

8. Just leaning back

You probably know them, people who, before the plane has even taken off, are reclining all the way back while you are sitting upright. There your space gone.

When you go to the toilet and you see this! Bleugh, continue reading.

7. Mess

Don’t feel like flushing your toilet paper? Then why not throw it right next to the toilet.

After seeing this photo you will feel sorry for the plane cleaning staff.

6. Nappy

Pretty much the same problem as before, inform the flight attendant when the trash is full? Don’t bother. Throw that diaper into the corner.

When you are nodding off, you suddenly smell something like cheese. Then you realise this is next to you! Continue to the next page.