The 7 most bizarre meals around the world!

And you thought eating locusts is bizarre. After seeing these 7 dishes, you might even enjoy a fried locust. How about duck babies or a living octopus on your plate?

7. Fried Sea Anemone

Yes, Nemo lives in it, but in real life, this is a flower animal. It is a polyp with tentacles, but without a skeleton. In Spanish Andalusia, they fry this animal and have become really accustomed to this side dish. They are similar to oysters, but will undoubtedly have a different taste.

6. Chicken claws

We are used to only eating the meat. But in many South American and Asian countries, the chicken claws are a tasty snack. Pay attention to the nails, though…

They look like little chickens, but they are not. It is much worse. Check dish #3, but be warned!