The 7 most bizarre meals around the world!

And you thought eating locusts is bizarre. After seeing these 7 dishes, you might even enjoy a fried locust. How about duck babies or a living octopus on your plate?

7. Fried Sea Anemone

Yes, Nemo lives in it, but in real life, this is a flower animal. It is a polyp with tentacles, but without a skeleton. In Spanish Andalusia, they fry this animal and have become really accustomed to this side dish. They are similar to oysters, but will undoubtedly have a different taste.

6. Chicken claws

We are used to only eating the meat. But in many South American and Asian countries, the chicken claws are a tasty snack. Pay attention to the nails, though…

They look like little chickens, but they are not. It is much worse. Check dish #3, but be warned!

5. Live octopus

If you see anything moving on your plate, the first thing that comes to mind is an annoying fly that wants to enjoy your food or the hot gravy. But a living animal? An octopus to be more specific? In Korea, it is possible. It is not completely alive, but after the chef chops off their tentacles, they happily continue squirming on your plate. Bite them into small pieces, because the tentacles still have suction power, which may cause you to suffocate.

4. Fried guinea pig

We put them in a cage and feed them. Not in Peru. There they fry the small animal and eat it on special occasions. Interested? You will find this dish if you search for Cuy. Why would you eat it, you wonder? It is full of protein and contains less cholesterol than chicken, pork and beef.