The 7 Most Weird And Amazing Toilets From Around The World!

Some people don’t have a problem using different toilets, whereas others can’t bear to think of going anywhere that’s not their own, nice, clean toilet. However, if you’re looking for a bit of adventure while doing your business, be sure to try one of these 7 special loo’s.

7. In the middle of the street

Would you like to sit on the toilet and be ‘seen’ by dozens of passersby on the street? This is possible in London. In the so-called One-Way-Glass toilet, you can see everyone, but nobody can see you. Would you do it?

6. With Nemo and Co.

You don’t do your business underwater, do you? Hopefully not, but with this toilet, it’s allowed. You may quietly sit on this pot while fish swim around you. The Mumin Papa Café in the Japanese city of Akashi makes this all possible.

Do you dare to look down? Quickly check out toilet number #6.