This Is Why Flight Attendants Will Look Angry At You After Ordering This Drink

They have to behave in front of you and be polite. But sometimes, behind that big smile, they really don’t like you because of different kind of reasons. Stewards and stewardesses are doing their best to make you comfortable on your flight. But if you will order this drink, they won’t be that nice anymore for you.


You know the scene: the stewards and stewardesses are offering something to drink or to eat while the airplane is in the air. But you really don’t know what to order. You are starving, but what kind of drink will you order beside that? Something with or without alcohol? Dilemma!

Air Pressure

A Stewardess explains on her blog: “The air pressure in an airplane is not kept at ground level, but rather at the level of 2 to 2.5 kilometres,” she says. “This also means that some passengers feel a bit light-headed, or that alcohol strikes twice as hard as on the ground.”

Order whatever you want in an airplane, but not this drink!


Do you want to impress that handsome steward or stewardess? Then do not order a diet cola! Coca-Cola Light is one hell of a job to pour into the air. This revealed the same stewardess on her blog. The puncture drink foamed so hard that in the same (pouring) time three other people could have helped.

‘Sit down’

Especially during a flight it’s hard to pour this, because at such a height there is less air pressure in the plane and the CO2 in the drink can escape faster. “It means that soda drinks much more foam when it comes out of the can. The worst is Coca-Cola Light: I have to literally sit down and wait for the bubbles to descend before I can continue pouring. If all three passengers ask for diet coke, I often start it and then go on with three new passengers.”