Bride Bursts Into Tears When Groom Confesses His Love For Someone Else At The Altar


Jessica, the bride, looks gorgeous in a white wedding dress, tiara and veil. The groom, Jefferson, also looks very good in his black suit and bow tie. Despite everything being planned well, he became more and more nervous.

He starting sweating and eventually even shaking…

Wedding vows

It starts. The couple is reading their wedding vows at the altar, their family and friends around them. The bride just recited her vows and she even shed some tears. She said she couldn’t wait to start their life together. But did the groom feel the same way?

Started reading

Now it was Jefferson’s turn. He took his phone, where he had saved his speech, took a deep breath, wiped his forehead and started reading. While he was reading, he looked up. But not at the bride…

Day of her life?

Up to that moment, everything had been perfect for the bride. The dress was perfect, the setting was neat, some guests had flown in from abroad, what more could she want? Her husband was there. Ready to make his speech. She thought this would be her dream wedding. She had never expected things to take such a turn!