Twins Separated At Birth; 10 Years Later Something Unreal Happens On Live TV

Suppose you have a twin sister, but do not meet her until 10 years later? That must be very special. It happened to a pair of twins from China, who were both adopted by a family from America. They grew up hundreds of miles apart and at first did not even know of their sister’s existence.

As it was, Gracie Rainsberry and Audrey Doering were raised separately because they were adopted. Even their new fathers and mothers were unaware of the existence of a twin sister. Until last December, when Audrey’s mother found a photo of the both of them together as babies.

Audrey’s mother managed to find her daughter’s twin sister and the two girls spoke to each other for the first time through FaceTime. But their reunion on live television was exceptionally emotional. Gracie and Audrey live almost a thousand miles apart, but fell into each other’s arms when they met. The two sisters, both wearing glasses, had even arranged to wear identical outfits.